Welcome !

Buongiorno a tutti !

I started this blog as part of a master’s degree which required I start blogging. Meh. It was hard going at first so in an effort to be light-hearted about blogging my studies, I created a bit of tongue-in-cheek jargon – socio-coalescent cognition. Can you guess what it is? Is it brainstorming, or cut-n-paste into a wiki? I have no idea – jargon is so dumb.

In the course of studying, it occurred to me that knowledge, and hence learning, has changed. If you have a smartphone, internet connection and minimal skills, you can find what you want, so why remember it when a bookmark will do it.

As for blogging, to get the ball rolling, I added pages about my hobby, making HiFi. These audio pages have proved popular. No-one reads the study stuff. Nuff said?

Thanks for reading 🙂

Ciao bella !