I thought Week1 was a bit like fresher’s week; without the snakebite and black, and locked in my bedroom with only a forum in which to meet my peers. So, nothing like fresher’s week really. I didn’t realise until week2 that there was stuff I had to do, like get a microphone headset for live chats. Oops. And learn stuff. Yikes.

Anyway, in week1 I was supposed to learn about the NET generation from Gregor Kennedy- and challenge any assumptions I had about young people and their abilities with tech. Actually, this resonated well with me – I have found that one of the biggest mistakes I can make as a teacher is to assume my students already know something, or know how to do something. It’s always good to check with a few concept-check-style questions.

I actually did the above in week2, and I didn’t finish reading the study by Kennedy and Judd about their research. I just didn’t have time. It’s on my to do list. 😉