I bought my first supermoto, a KTM 640 LC4 Prestige, in December 2007. It was the most unbelievable bike – fat instant torque, lightweight, sticky tyres and vibration like a rocket blasting off. Over the 2 years I had it, I removed the air inlet on the exhaust, re-jetted the BST40 carburettor, opened up the air box (side panel and top hole), fitted a WRP Lite exhaust can (re-painted black with a silver KTM sticker), a rear carrier and more informative instruments. Here are some photos :

Modified Airbox

Modified Airbox

Exhaust Manifold Modification

Modified Exhaust Manifold

Beautiful metal

Beautiful Metal

Vapor Instruments

Vapor Instruments

KTM carrier and Powerparts plate hanger

KTM carrier and Powerparts plate hanger

A beautiful beast

A beautiful beast

It was stolen and I missed the experience so much I decided to convert the bike I used for commuting into a supermoto.

My Chassis Number VBKGSN4024M778314

My Engine Number 458450765

I didn’t receive an insurance payout, so this engine and chassis still belong to me. Leave a comment if you see them !



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