This page is for a record of the MOOCs I’ve taken and any digital badges earned.

Two blog posts in February 2016 on this site earned a badge each with Credly:

credly digital badges

I also completed the MOOC on Learning Moodle – took 3 weeks but could take a lot longer if you go deep into the resources they have. Anyway, well worth doing.

I’ve joined 2 other MOOCs: one with with Coursera – the University of Edinburgh’s Introduction to Philosophy; the other with FutureLearn – the University of Leeds’ Blended Learning Essentials. I quit the Philosophy MOOC cos the teacher kept saying how philosophy was the study of the best way of thinking – that arrogance irked me because I wanted to do it to find other ways of thinking, not have someone tell me a best way. That surely is not a good way of thinking. Plus the guy looked like he hadn’t ever thought about his appearance – a funny kind of irony.

I came to realise MOOCs are fantastic if you have lots of spare time and don’t like going to the movies, walking in the countryside or all manner of enjoyable things. However, I am burdened by the irrational need to be happy, so I failed to complete both MOOCs and actually that made me happy – it’s an affirmation I’m enjoying life. So, quit a MOOC, be happy. Works for me.